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04 January 2017 @ 08:38 pm
I'm bored... again.  

Yup, I'm really bored.
This post has no due date, so you can comment here anytime.

A little info:
- I don't feel comfortable with making supercomplex icons or the ones with text (but I'll do my best :D)
- You can request icons from any fandom you like (there's a lot tv series and movies that I don't watch, so please, be as specific as you can with your request)
- You can also request for icon with actors, singers, models, dancers etc.
- If you want, you can also provide some screencaps or pics to make it easier for me (please, use high quality ones)
- There's no limit of icons you can request
- You can also make some suggestions. What is that mean? Simply comment here what do you like to see me icon.